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You are looking for source code, a software on which to base to start a new study. You want to make an inventory of existing archives on your new project this is exactly the purpose of this article.

Software Heritage

We'll see what happens and how to find among all the proposed solutions which are the best places to find Open Source software.

Yes for me also, this question seems extremely broad but this is a necessary question since the advent of GitHub since I discovered that the Roslyn project, the Microsoft C # compiler, was transferred from CodePlex to GitHub !

On the other hand, for Open Source software, there are people that I like this is INRIA for developing the Scilab project while taking a ride on their website, I discovered the World Archives Software nothing less.

So let's go on, take notes ...


A topical "MQTT" should be to compare the different software archives take this and take inventory of what we found in different platforms. This would be the way to make a transverse comparative study.

In seeking "MQTT" in SourceForge, we see for example that the MqttDotNET project started (to migrate) to GitHub:

SourceForge MQTT project

Last update of this project in SourceForge: 24/04/2013

In GitHub: 23/07/2014

So it's clear, we must pursue this project in GitHub:


What is curious is that for the documentation we'll find the blog stevenlovegrove but returns to SourceForge, probably too lazy to update ... But it still created some confusion.


CodePlex is Microsoft's free open source project hosting site. You can create projects to share with the world, collaborate with others on their projects, and download open source software.


There is the BlogEngine's project that migrated to GitHub:

BlogEngine's documentation is rather remained in the CodePlex an again should be historycally.

So there is also the Roslyn project that migrated to GitHub:


The C # compiler Roslyn project is in GitHub:

Roslyn on GitHub


We saw GitHub is born of a need to manage the Linux project, today it is open to everyone. A criticism one might make is that this is not the ideal tool to prepare documentation and to talk about his project on the Internet.


The new Facebook for developers ... Arrrg!

Software Heritage

What comes to make INRIA in this already crowded landscape? A final source code manager?

June 30, 2016 and it is therefore fairly recent INRIA launches Heritage Project Software:

INRIA announced Thursday, June 30, 2016 opening to the public Software Heritage project. This project, with the initiative of INRIA, aims to collect, organize, preserve, and make accessible all the source code for all available software. A global challenge.

How does it works ? Well I think there's nothing to do, that this system aggregates software on different open source platforms ... and that's it.

Snap figures in September 2016 :
Nombre de projets déjà agrégés
And whether the "Software Heritage" system already has the sources of your software code, simply enter the SHA1 key:

Do we already have your ode ? Enter the SHA1 of a source code file

We must find the sources Here.

Surprising, no?

Feel free to leave me your comments.

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